3 Examples of How Databases Reduce $100 Billion in Fraud

ARMATURE’s John Gilroy interviews Larry Benson from LexisNexis on WFED 1500 AM

At ARMATURE we have a variety of tools to improve the way data is collected – this radio interview is about how LexisNexis performs analytics on data that they collect.  Follow this link to listen to the full interview.

“Federal Tech Talk with John Gilroy” airs every Tuesday morning at 11:00.

Larry Benson, Director of Strategic Alliances from LexisNexis, shows how one can take data, see the outliers, and take action.  Last year Larry met with some state and federal IT professionals who wanted to know how to keep up with all the fraud that was going on in the Unites States. He decided that a good way was to come up with a site that gave daily information on the incredibly creative criminals here in America.  The net result is a site called Fraud of the Day.

Here are some of the fascinating stories LexisNexis has uncovered:

  1. The site had a photo of some prisoners sitting around in orange jumpsuits. It is amazing that some of these incarcerated citizens are still getting unemployment checks.
  2. One of the most fascinating aspects of Fraud of the Day is they discovered a person who had won a million dollars in the Michigan lottery, still qualified for food stamps, and kept getting them!
  3. Social Security checks are sent to dead people.  There is so much fraud that some criminals are setting up classes training people how to deceive the government!

The lesson is clear – the best practice for any kind of data collection, whether it’s for fiduciary, medical, or security purposes, is to make sure systems are integrated so analytics can be done from a wide perspective.

If you have questions about data collection, download the ARMATURE case study here.

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