Can 23,000 Users of Log Management Software be Wrong?

John Gilroy’s Federal News Radio interview with Tony Ayaz from Splunk

At ARMATURE, we focus on managing data collection from sites, physicians, and even laboratories. One tedious aspect of managing networks is making sense of log information, a specialty of Splunk. Please click here to listen to the entire radio interview.

Most of my technical readers have spent hours poring over logs. Many times this is a noble but futile task that makes finding a needle in a haystack an enviable activity.

Splunk has been around since 2003 attempting to alleviate much of this mundane task. It has a wide variety of tools to help. This humble beginning now results with 2,300 licensed users in over 74 countries. Log management has grown up.

Tony Ayaz, VP of Federal Sales at Splunk

Tony Ayaz, VP of Federal Sales at Splunk

The world of log management can be broken down into visually inspecting logs, and at the other end, specialized and complex Security Information and Event Management (SEIM) products. Splunk allows end users to understand events without heavy duty SEIM software.

Earlier products were based on Flash, not a popular choice with many smart phone users. The new version of Splunk uses HTML5.0 and JavaScript. This allows mobile phone users to access information on the fly as well as enabling them to give a graphical depiction of log information. Now, the end user can approach management to show them what is going on in a visual manner.

If you would like to read more about data collection, please download an ARMATURE case study here.

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