6 ways the Right Software can

give your Certification Program a Boost

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Managing an entire certification or credentialing lifecycle can be daunting

There are a myriad of activities that need to be undertaken effectively to ensure compliance, integrity, engagement, and quality. In today’s certification and credentialing community we see organizations managing their operations in a variety of ways. Some use traditional methods such as databases, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents.  Others use multiple systems to track each element within the lifecycle. We also see an increasing number of institutions using software tools to manage the vast majority of activities in one place.
While there are pros and cons to each approach, the steps below highlight six ways you can benefit from using innovative software solutions to give your program a boost

Conduct your certification and credentialing activities in one place: application management; workflow management; task management; audits; self-studies; records management; document management; CPD tracking.

DRIVE CONSISTENCY Drive operational consistency and minimize organizational risk: ensure your local, national, or regional staff use consistent workflows; engage constituents through self-service platforms; conduct tasks on any device and in any language.
STIMULATE PROGRAM GROWTH Grow your enrollment base by: automating your certification and credentialing program; spending more time on active recruitment; increasing referrals due to a better user experience.
ENSURE QUALITY Manage quality throughout your program with automated toolsets: easily identify non-conformances; initiate corrective and preventive actions; reduce the time to remediation.
INTEGRATE WELL Leverage the power of your other systems to maximize value: learning management systems; payment gateways; assessment tools; financial systems; association management software.
CREATE VALUE Create a better user experience for all constituents; generate actionable management reports; improve re-certification rates.

ARMATURE has delivered over 100 certification and accreditation solutions since 2000. We invite you to take a tour of our certification management software to see if we can give your certification or credentialing program a boost.

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