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Privacy Policy

Effective May 25th, 2018

We know that privacy is extremely important to you and we want you to know that we share the same view. That’s why we’ve created this policy to help you understand how we collect and use the information you have shared with us. This policy outlines:

1. The information we collect about you
2. How we use your information
3. How we store and secure your information
4. How we share your information
5. How you can access and control your information
6. Data collected and managed by another organization using our Subscription Services
7. Ownership/use of Client Data
8. Third party requests for access to Client data
9. Responding to a data breach
10. Clients in the European Union or Switzerland
11. Contact us

This policy covers the information we collect about you when you share it with us, either through using our products and services, or inquiring about our company. When we refer to ARMATURE, “us”, “we”, or “our” within this policy, we mean ARMATURE Solutions Corporation, which controls information about our customers, or those individuals that have shown an interest in our company, products, and services.

Because we are a provider of Business to Business solutions only, we don’t collect or store data on consumers.

Important note: If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, we ask that you refrain from using our services, or interacting with us for any other reason.

ARMATURE provides workflow management solutions to help organizations better manage their accreditation, quality management, and other business processes. We also provide support services via multiple websites and user portals. Together, these represent the Subscription Services we deliver for the purpose of this Privacy Policy.

The information we collect on you is limited to your name, company details, job title, and contact details. In addition, our Sales and Services employees may capture information about your hobbies and interests for use in direct selling situations only. We do not capture sensitive information such as your social security number, driver’s license number, or other similar sensitive personal identifying information.

1. The information we collect about you.  We collect information from you, in the following circumstances:

a. When you provide us with information:

  • When you provide contact details to us as part of our account setup process, or ongoing Services relationship
  • When content is developed within our products
  • Information you provide as part of customer service and support interactions. This can include contact information and details of a specific service issue.
  • When you inquire about our Services via our website. This includes information that you send us when completing an online form.
  • When you share information with us at a business or networking event
  • When you interact and share information with ARMATURE’s employees, such as a discussion with a member of our Sales team

b. Information we collect as part of using ARMATURE’s services

  • Information about the features you use
  • Information about the training we provide to your users, including contact details
  • Information about the feature enhancements you request
  • We use third-party vendors, including Google, to help us with remarketing initiatives. Remarketing happens when we attempt to reach visitors to our website through digital advertising. By doing this we are trying to match the right people with the right message. This information is used for digital marketing purposes only. Our third party vendors use cookies to serve website visitors ads based on the nature of your visits to our website. You are able to opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings.

c. Information we receive from other sources

  • From time to time we work with business partners to acquire prospect data which we use for direct marketing purposes.
  • From event companies who occasionally share information with us about who attended certain events

2. How we use your information

We only use your information in relation to the Services we provide. Below is a summary of the scenarios when your data may be used.

  • When delivering Services to you and your team. For example, we may reach out to certain individuals for product training purposes, and we may personalize and improve your experience when you log in to our system.
  • For important product communications about the Services we provide. This includes notifying you of product upgrades, maintenance windows, tips and tricks, security alerts, new features, invitations to webinars or meetings, and any applicable administrative messages.
  • For product support reasons. When you share information with us about product issues, we use this information to help resolve your issues and to keep you informed.
  • For security purposes. We may use information about the Service(s) we provide to you for security reasons. This would include, for example, monitoring services to identify any security breaches.
  • To communicate with you about the Services we provide. We may use the information you have provided to us to inform you of product upgrades and enhancements, events that we are hosting, or other information relating to the Services that ARMATURE provides to you. We may also invite you to complete surveys on the performance of our product or regarding other Service-related issues.
  • For marketing purposes. We use information you have provided to us to communicate with you about certain product-related offers. These communications will often be in the form of emails. In addition, we frequently issue newsletters containing information relating to the Services we provide. These communications are sent to you when you opt in to receive them and are designed to help drive further engagement relating to our Services. You also have the ability to opt out of any future communications should you wish to do so.
  • When sharing stories about our product (subject to your consent). We occasionally share stories with existing or potential customers about the Services we provide to you only when we have received your consent. These stories take the form of case studies and testimonials.
  • For legal purposes. We may use your data when reasonably necessary to comply with any legal or national security requirements.

3. Storing and securing your information

The privacy and integrity of your data is extremely important to ARMATURE. We follow industry best practices regarding the use of firewalls, network isolation, and also utilize Intrusion Protection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems to help ensure your data is kept safe.

4. Sharing your information

We sometimes use your information for the purposes of marketing and product communications. For example, we may share information about your company (company name, location) with third-party marketing agencies who may use this data in targeting our digital advertising campaigns through Google AdWords and LinkedIn. We retain your data in a secure environment until you ask us to delete it.

5. How you can access and control your information

You have the right to contact ARMATURE at any time to request a copy of the information we store about you for the following purposes:

  • To request your information to be deleted
  • To check your information for accuracy
  • To update your information
  • To request that your information is restricted from certain uses
  • To opt-out of marketing communications

All requests should be sent to our Data Protection Officer at

6. Data collected and managed by another organization using our Subscription Services.

We undertake reasonable efforts to ensure that the Subscription Services we provide to our Clients are delivered in a manner that allows for reasonable security protections and aims to prevent improper access or removal of data by an unauthorized user. We do not warrant that Subscription Services, Data Centers, or Infrastructure Providers used to deliver the Subscription Services comply with the regulatory requirements applicable to Client’s business, including obligations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, or EU GDPR, for example. Our Clients are responsible for determining whether the Subscription Services, and their use of them, are consistent with any data protection and other regulations applicable to the Client’s business. Additionally, our Clients are responsible for assuring that any data that they are prohibited from disclosing under any applicable law, rule, or regulation is not disclosed to ARMATURE—or, if disclosed, that this disclosure is accomplished in a manner that complies with all requirements affecting that data, legal or otherwise.

7. Ownership/Use of Client Data.

ARMATURE does not assert any ownership claims over Client data deployed in the Subscription Services. Our Clients own all of their proprietary data placed in the Subscription Services. We own rights in non-Client data that is generated in connection with the Subscription Service, such as metadata generated in connection with the Subscription Services. We may use Client data to monitor and administer the Subscription Services, resolve service requests, address performance, operation, and use of them, or conduct research and development activities related to potential modifications of and improvements to the Subscription Services.

8. Third party requests for access to Client data.

In the event that a third party seeks access to Client data deployed in the Subscription Services and it is required to be disclosed by law or any governmental authority or other similar requirements, we will (if not prohibited by law) notify our Client of the compelled disclosure so that the Client can seek to avoid disclosure by means of a protective order or other relevant means. It is our Clients’ responsibility to ensure that it complies with any request for preservation, access, or production of Client data and other relevant Electronically Stored Information such as metadata associated with Client data (collectively “ESI”) and any related preservation duties under the law. Clients must provide Company any notices relating to this Paragraph by sending an email to

9. Data Breaches
In the event of a data breach, we will notify you within 72 hours following the discovery of such a breach.

10. Clients in the European Union or Switzerland
We may collect personal (business-related) information about you which may be transferred to, stored, and processed in the United States. From May 25th, 2018, we will make reasonable efforts to ensure that transfers of personal information are subject to the appropriate safeguards specified in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and uphold your rights as defined in Chapter 3 of the GDPR.

11. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about how ARMATURE handles your data, please contact us at:

ARMATURE Solutions Corporation
45240 Business Court
Suite 400
VA 20166


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