Accreditation Preparation Software for LCME-Accredited Medical Programs

Accreditation Preparation Software for LCME-Accredited Medical Programs

Streamline your LCME accreditation activities and get to accreditation faster

Manage your DCI activities in one place with pre-configured templates and processes

Access Standards Easily

Access current, past, and future LCME standards quickly and easily with Armature’s accreditation preparation software

Build Your Accreditation Teams

Assign tasks and milestones to your accreditation team and critical stakeholders

Reduce Your Level of Effort

Significantly reduce the time it takes key faculty members to complete DCI elements

Improve Visibility and Collaboration

Know exactly where you are in the accreditation process and improve internal collaboration

Identify and Triage Issues

Capture and manage areas for concern with our accreditation preparation software

Enhance Quality

Build a foundation for for tracking and managing your continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities

Access and Manage Your Standards

LCME Standards Management

ARMATURE Fabric enables you to access LCME standards and compare versions for planning purposes.

View Updates and Changes

You will be able to manage updated versions of standards effectively by identifying and addressing high impact items.


Audit Planning and Management

Reporting, Dashboards, and Notifications

Manage Your Audit Schedule

Plan the frequency and duration of your data collection instrument (DCI) activities, including audits and self-studies. You can also conduct ad hoc and risk-based audits as required.

Status Reports

Create and access reports to share with key stakeholders. Identify and track areas for improvement on a continuous basis.

Engage Your Audit Stakeholders

Easily assign single or multiple standard elements and RFIs to your stakeholders (even across standards) and set tasks and deadlines for completion.

Management and Personal Dashboards

View management and personal dashboards to help you understand context and drive productivity. View and take action on your tasks at any given time with our accreditation preparation software.

Monitor Audit Progress

Monitor workflow progress across multiple stakeholders such as auditors, drafters, reviewers, or approvers. Establish a monitoring cadence that works well for your program.

Stay Notified

Always be aware of current and new tasks and activities through system notifications accessible from your dashboard and via email.

Issue Tracking and Management

Data Collection Instrument Organization and Management

Manage Issues, Minimize Risk, Be LCME CQI Ready

Continuously identify, track, flag, and manage critical issues and elements.

Assign follow-up actions to ensure issues are managed and resolved effectively and efficiently with our accreditation preparation software and be LCME CQI ready.

Capture and Manage Your Data

Coordinate your LCME DCI responses through the collection, collation, and creation of data, documentation, and evidence.

Assign work items, such as RFIs, to team members for easy collaboration. Allow stakeholders to access the standard elements they are responsible for quickly and easily.

Root Cause Analysis and CAPA Management

Conduct root cause analysis and implement corrective and preventive actions to minimize the risk of non-compliance.

Build an understanding of the biggest threats to your accreditation status.

Work Paper Management

Capture audit workpapers, conduct reviews, identify gaps, and verify data in preparation for your self-study response. Assign work items, such as information requests, to team members and faculty. Add ratings to self-studies and identify areas of concern.

Data and Document Submission

Progress Tracking and Monitoring

Manage Your Data and Documents Effectively

Collect and categorize internal and external documentation. Create and submit your DCI responses, including all applicable supporting documentation.
Keep a record of past submissions and enable access, as applicable.

Create Improved Situational Awareness

Establish a monitoring cadence and understand exactly where your medical school is in the completion of the data collection instrument.

Monitor and manage tasks that have not been completed and identify gaps.


Cloud optimized, technology neutral platform


Device agnostic, persona driven, optimized for User Experience


Extensive tool set built for non-technical users, putting you in control


Designed for extension - configure & customize to meet your needs


Secure, open API to allow you to connect to your critical systems

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