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Driving Compliance and Quality Through Powerful Audits

3 Benefits of ARMATURE Fabric™ Audit and Workflow Management Software for Industry and Government:

1. Flexible Standards Management

From AS9100 and NIST, to ISO, FedRAMP, CMMC certification and beyond, it all starts with standards. ARMATURE Fabric makes it easy for you to plug in your industry standards and bring them up through different endpoints throughout the system. You can reference one or more criteria (standards and best practices) from pre-built catalogs, or add your own configurable text. Add ratings and findings to each item, weight ratings to help measure effectiveness, and allow each criterion to support document upload, commenting, and issues/non-conformances. This way, you can collect data and documentation during your audits and tie those artifacts to the specific industry or government standards and quality requirements you’re evaluating against. You can apply ARMATURE Fabric to support a multitude of activities including accreditation, certification, inspections, supplier quality management, or any other compliance and quality management process you are looking to automate or enhance.

2. Powerful Auditing Tools

Compliance and quality leaders can take advantage of our intuitive, highly configurable platform to build audit checklists and assessments, with help from our team as needed. Our system allows you to choose from a number of question types including text (short form, narrative), multiple choice, number, date, and document upload. You can also set a number of options on your questions, such as required, read-only, no-data, data keys, variables, field names, and help. Our software allows you to model your existing forms and checklists, or build new ones from the ground up. Either way is user-friendly and easy to update, so you can make your audit software reflect your quality goals, compliance needs, and organizational objectives—even as they change over time.

3. Easy-to-Use Workflow Management Platform

Once you have your standards and audits created in the system, you need a way to automate tasks to keep your compliance initiatives on track. Workflow management (also known as process management) is the engine that brings these activities to life in ARMATURE Fabric. With no coding required, you can schedule and conduct audits, investigate issues, and track parts and vendor performance from within the system. It’s easy to build workflows in ARMATURE Fabric to automate all of your compliance activities—and because ARMATURE Fabric comes equipped with dynamic dashboards for each user, you can keep all users in the loop with automated tasks, alerts, and notifications.

Security in the Cloud, Backed by AWS

ARMATURE offers both on-premises and cloud-based deployments. Whenever possible, we recommend hosting ARMATURE Fabric on AWS Cloud, due to the robust security protections it offers. We understand how important data protection is to our customers, and we pledge to work closely with you to ensure that your data is safe and that your solution meets every aerospace and defense compliance requirement.

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