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Supplier Quality Management in the age of globalization

Today’s manufacturers rely on an ever-increasing network of international suppliers to produce their goods. While there are certainly advantages to reaching beyond national borders, there are challenges to globalization that place a strain on quality inspectors: Bribery, corruption, and cultural differences, to name a few. Supplier management software is becoming increasingly vital.

A supplier may accuse an inspector of being too harsh, or suggest that he created the defects himself in order to have something to report. Stamped packing tape may be suspiciously askew upon arrival, indicating that the goods may have been tampered with after inspection. And sometimes professional friendships form between quality inspectors and the factory managers who host them during the audit, which can compromise the integrity of the inspectors when it comes time to report defects. 

Even with the support of anti-bribery standards such, as ISO 37001:2016, manufacturers still face difficulties at every turn. What’s a quality inspector to do? You can start by choosing a smart supplier management software solution that’s built with your needs in mind. Cue ARMATURE.

Keep an (Electronic) Paper Trail for End-to-End Visibility

ARMATURE’s quality management software safeguards the documentation that plays a critical role in ensuring compliance across the global supplier network. Our web-based system makes it easy for auditors and suppliers to attach specific artifacts to each stage of the process, which provides the end-to-end visibility that manufacturers require.


The process-specific documentation that’s built into our software minimizes the risk of non-compliance and corruption; it allows quality managers to drill down and investigate issues as needed and is much more rigorous than simply checking a box.


Here’s a view of our process management tool:

Keep an (Electronic) Paper Trail for End-to-End Visibility via Supplier Management Software

As manufacturers know better than anyone, a quality failure can be devastating. Given the high stakes and the increasing complexity of doing business on the international stage, manufacturers need a supplier management software solution that takes full advantage of the latest and greatest technologies.


That’s ARMATURE. Our passion for innovation means that our software is always evolving, shaped by the pressing real-world needs of the quality community. Our 20 years of experience building enterprise quality management software across industries gives us a unique perspective that we channel into the powerful tools we build.


Schedule a demo to see how our supplier quality management software can help your organization uphold quality in every zip code and time zone.

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