Accreditation Management Software

Accreditation Management Software

Transform how you manage your
accreditation process

Engage all of your stakeholders in a single, easy to use accreditation management software product.

Engage your Stakeholders

Empower all accreditation stakeholders with tailored portals to meet their needs in our accreditation management software

Manage Accreditation Cycles

From application to decision, track all activities, tasks, and artifacts in a single place

Digitize the Customer Experience

Move to a fully-integrated digital experience  with online self-studies, assessments, and final reports

Increase Visibility

Ensure that all users know where they stand and what they need to do next

Grow your Enrollment Base

Understand trends and take proactive action to drive enrollment in new and existing programs

Enable Continuous Improvement

Choose from a suite of quality and compliance templates and tools to drive improvement

Continuously Engage your Customers

Integrated Self-Service

Leverage self-service features within our accreditation management software to directly engage institutions, programs, organizations, site visitors, reviewers, and volunteers. Easily communicate status updates, assign and track activities, and collect and organize accreditation artifacts.

Accreditation Cycle Management

With our accreditation management software, you can empower your staff to easily navigate and manage the full range of activities within the accreditation/re-accreditation process. Track upcoming/overdue activities as your stakeholders manage their workload through configurable online portals.

From Self-Evaluation to Final Report

With Workflow & Artifact Management

Configurable Forms/Audits

Draw from our library of existing templates or create and manage your own self-evaluations, onsite audits, or other data collection forms. Leverage advanced features in our accreditation management software such as calculations, branching, pre-population and offline capabilities to digitally transform your data collection methods.

Configurable Workflow Management

Quickly model and deploy intelligent workflows that support your accreditation and ongoing processes. Leverage built-in templates that allow you to orchestrate activities according to your needs. Assign workflow items to all stakeholders.

Standards, Artifacts, and Issues

Leverage built-in standards, documents, communications, and issues templates to provide your users with a single place to manage all of their information. Identify, manage, and remediate issues with built-in, standards-referenced issue management.

Document Management & Control

Use ARMATURE Fabric to seamlessly capture and organize documents throughout the application. Easily find artifacts by organization, purpose, content or configurable metadata. Drive document control through configurable workflows. 


Create workflow driven review cycles and manage reviewers. Create review teams based upon location, skills, and conflicts of interest.  Enable tight collaboration between reviewers and your customers to quickly resolve any issues.


Cloud optimized, technology neutral platform


Device agnostic, persona driven, optimized for User Experience


Extensive tool set built for non-technical users, putting you in control


Designed for extension - configure & customize to meet your needs


Secure, open API to allow you to connect to your critical systems

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