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Accreditation Software Data Collection Instruments | A Simple Guide

ARMATURE Fabric is a software platform that helps organizations solve multiple challenges within the realm of accreditation, certification, and audit management. It has been designed to support a range of use cases such as accreditation, certification, audit management, accreditation readiness, accreditation preparation, compliance, and continuous quality improvement.

For the purposes of this article, let’s focus on the accreditation use case. A critical element within ARMATURE Fabric is its highly configurable data collection Instruments. These Instruments come in many different formats including self-assessments, audits, surveys, evaluations, as well as other types of data collection forms. Unlike simple accreditation software, these Instruments enable you to capture critical information about applicants, institutions, programs, facilities, volunteers, or any other internal or external person, program, or entity that is part of your stakeholder community.

You can use the Instruments functionality to collect profile information, assess performance, review standards’ compliance, conduct audits, implement continuous monitoring, identify non-conformances, and pinpoint areas of risk. You can then conduct reporting and analysis on the data you have collected, as well as set up your review cycles.

From the simple to the most complex, ARMATURE Fabric is no ordinary accreditation software, its data collection tools can handle anything you can throw at it. Take a look at how easy it is to set up your data collection Instrument, create simple questions, and leverage tables.

Setting Up Your Instrument

When you set up your Instrument you can choose from a variety of options, including assessment, survey, and form. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to configure and issue your Instrument, collect, and then analyze the data. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to set up a basic Instrument.

Configuring Simple Questions in Accreditation Software

ARMATURE Fabric enables you to configure simple questions easily and quickly. You can choose from multiple question types, make questions mandatory or required, allow documents and evidence to be uploaded, as well as apply scoring and calculations.

Building Table Questions in Accreditation Software

Table questions allow you to bring similar or related questions together in a digestible format. Add columns, rows, styles, and integrate multiple question types within your table.

Setting Up Branching Questions in Your Accreditation Software

Branching questions allow you to ask a responder certain questions depending on how they answer previous questions. It allows you to drive relevance through your questioning. Check out how to set up question branching through ARMATURE Fabric.

Data Pre-Population in Your Accreditation Software

Data pre-population enables data you have already collected about an individual, institution, or organization to be pre-populated in a new data collection instrument (such as an audit, assessment, evaluation, or survey). This functionality makes it easier for your users to complete a form, application, questionnaire, or other data collection instrument. Learn more about how to set up data pre-population.


Accreditation Readiness | Accreditation Preparation

While ARMATURE primarily supports accreditation, certification, and conformity assessment bodies, we are also creating solutions to support institutions, programs, and organizations who are seeking, or maintaining, accreditation. Providing these entities with easier ways to prepare data and documentation, manage tasks and productivity, access historical information, and engage accreditation stakeholders can save them significant time and resources.

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As you can see, ARMATURE Fabric is not just simple accreditation software; it offers you extensive flexibility to build either simple or complex data collection Instruments to support the way you work. We invite you to schedule a conversation or take a tour of our integrated risk management platform. You can also visit our YouTube channel to see more videos.

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