Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Software

Integrated Risk Management Software

Enhance performance, resilience, assurance, and compliance
across your enterprise​

Turn risk into opportunity and create consistency wherever you operate.​

Unify your Perspectives

Our Integrated risk management software helps you consolidate your risk, quality, and compliance functions in a single IRM software platform

Integrate your Enterprise

Integrate enterprise data to empower thoughtful decisions and proactively avoid risks

Improve Visibility

Track and monitor your organizational risk posture and make it available to key stakeholders

Align Globally

Align your risk and compliance policies across your enterprise​

Respond Quickly

Our integrated risk management software helps you identify and mitigate organizational risk quickly and efficiently

Create Opportunity

Focus on driving excellence through internal and external functions


Supplier & Vendor Management

Our integrated risk management software helps you leverage integrated vendor/supplier profiling, integrated workflow management, auditing, issue tracking, risk identification, and issue remediation. Directly engage suppliers through targeted self-service portals.

Risk Identification & Remediation

Identify internal and external risks, drive configurable/extensible workflows to remediate issues, and stream risk and performance information to senior stakeholders. Integrate quality management activities into your risk portfolios for complete visibility.



Business Continuity

Adopt well-known standards to drive business continuity. Extend policies and procedures to match your organization’s needs. Leverage an integrated workflow, monitoring and auditing ecosystem to ensure complete coverage.

Audit Management

Scope and schedule various types of audits. Manage evidence and work papers. Capture and track issues and provide enterprise reporting for key stakeholders.

Control & Assessment Monitoring

Establish internal and external controls and set up workflow activities to ensure monitoring across critical business functions. Employ self-service reporting along with rich auditing functionality to create company-wide awareness.

Issue Tracking

Capture issues from internal and external sources. Identify and monitor issues based upon public and proprietary standards and best practices. Create configurable workflows to ensure all issues are properly triaged and remediated. Engage external stakeholders through targeted portals.

Projects and Work Transfer Dashboard


Corporate Compliance

Adopt and override standards and best practices with integrated audit and issues management. Identify and correct areas of non-compliance. Create ongoing monitoring workflows to prevent recurrence of non-conformances/non-compliance.

Accreditation & Certification

Leverage ARMATURE Fabric’s built-in accreditation and certification modules to implement internal or external compliance programs. Drive supplier and vendor performance through supplier and/or product certification regimes. Use ARMATURE Fabric as a full governance, risk, and compliance software (grc software) solution.

Built on a configurable platform


Cloud optimized, technology neutral platform


Device agnostic, persona driven, optimized for User Experience


Extensive tool set built for non-technical users, putting you in control


Designed for extension - configure & customize to meet your needs


Secure, open API to allow you to connect to your critical systems

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