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Integrated Risk Management Software in the Modern Era

Manage Risk. Build Resilience. Drive Performance.

Risk management, resilience, and performance are more important to businesses than ever before. Partly as a result of COVID-19. Partly as a result of increased regulation. Partly as a result of competitive pressures. And, partly because customer expectations are increasing; integrated risk management has become one of those expectations.

More and more of our customers are turning to technology to help them perform at their best, to ensure they remain compliant, and to mitigate operational risks. They are demanding flexible, configurable, easy to use solutions to get the job done. It’s our commitment to keep developing our platform to meet these critical needs.

Powerful, cloud-based software to manage risk, build resilience, and drive performance

Our software platform, ARMATURE Fabric™, streamlines your operations, helps you identify risks early, and manages those risks through to resolution. The types of use cases it supports includes:

Audit Management

Improve the efficacy of your audit programs

Compliance Management

Conduct all of your compliance activities in one place

Accreditation Management

Streamline your accreditation processes and workflows

Certification Management

Maintain high standards across your business

Quality Management

Effectively manage quality processes and issues

Supplier Management

Optimize supplier performance and manage risk

Integrated Risk Management

Strengthen performance, risk and compliance enterprise-wide

Meeting you where you are

Some customers use our platform for multiple applications. Others focus on specific use-cases like integrated risk management.

ARMATURE Fabric shines where complexity exists. Perhaps this is when a particular organization has to remain compliant with multiple industry standards (sometimes in the 10s or 100s), or when an organization has thousands of suppliers that are critical in the delivery of their final product or service.

We have designed ARMATURE Fabric to accommodate the way business is conducted today – across devices, online and offline. It comes with multi-lingual capabilities, allowing you to manage your operations easily across borders. And, it integrates seamlessly with your other software platforms.

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