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Supporting your journey to accreditation excellence

Accreditation can be hard. We know that because we’ve been in the business for twenty years. During our time supporting the North American and international accreditation and certification community we have seen a diverse array of accreditation workflows, data collection requirements, review cycles, and re-accreditation processes.

It can also be a lot of fun. Really.

Our goal is to help programmatic, institutional, and specialized accreditors manage their operations more effectively. In Canada we support the work of accreditors in healthcare, education, manufacturing, and engineering. Our multi-lingual platform enables you to configure your accreditation workflows and data collection tools (think applications, audits, evaluations, and reviews) in both French and English. It also provides your stakeholders with self-service portals to complete the tasks relevant to them.

Engage your stakeholders

Empower your accreditation stakeholders through tailored, easy-to-use portals to conduct their activities.

Manage your accreditation cycles

Track all activities and tasks and collect artifacts and evidence in a single place.

Digitize your users' experience

Move to a fully-integrated digital experience with online self-studies, assessments, and final reports.

Improve visibility

Ensure that all users know where they stand and what they need to do next.

Enable continuous improvement

Manage issues and non-conformances to help your customers get to accreditation faster.

Grow your enrollment base

Understand trends and take action to drive enrollment in new and existing programs.

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