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Highly Configurable Accreditation Management Software Built for Collaboration

Accreditation is a collaborative process between staff and external stakeholders, and ARMATURE Fabric’s latest process management features bring all users to the table. With features such as horizontal view, split-screen design, and external access, our latest accreditation management software build makes it easy for all participants to know exactly what they need to do in every accreditation workflow.

Greater Context Leads to Greater Productivity
ARMATURE Fabric’s horizontal process view, shown below, provides your external stakeholders with the context they need in order to see what came before, and what will come after, the process stage they’re on. For example, when your external users are on their fourth step in a process, they can easily reference a document that was uploaded back in the first step to answer a question or complete a task more efficiently.

accreditation management software, accreditation process page.

The horizontal process view makes it easy for external users to see what came before, and what will come after, the step they’re currently on.

Split-Screen User Interface & Consistent Views
For any activity that your external stakeholders are on, the actions they can take are on the right. This split-screen view represents best practice in contemporary design and helps users stay on task as they’re moving through a process. Staff and external stakeholders now understand the process in the same way, as both parties have the same activity-level user interface (UI). This common UI facilitates teamwork and allows staff and external users to communicate clearly about what they’re looking at as they move through a process.

Staff and external users share a common user interface, which facilitates teamwork as they work through a process.

The high-level stages in process management are called Navigation Stages. Staff can choose user-friendly names for these Navigation Stages that make sense for all users. Example Navigation Stages are shown below:

The design breaks processes into these broad Navigation Stages (which update automatically to reflect where you are in a process), and organizes sub-steps into Groups and Activities. This structure makes your processes easier for users to follow.

Easy-to-Configure External Access Settings
When you’re setting up a process definition, you can select none, read, or write for each activity. These settings determine your external stakeholders’ level of access. When you select none, external users will not see the activity. Read allows users to see completed activities and any related artifacts, in read-only mode. Write allows users to see any completed activities that they have read and/or write access to, as well as to make edits to the activity they’re on. We made this change because there are times when external stakeholders need to reference a document or information from a previously completed step in order to complete an activity, and/or make changes as applicable. These external access settings are easy to configure while you’re building a process definition.

Set external access to none, read, or write when you configure your process definition.

Setting You — and Your Customers — Up for Success
ARMATURE has been serving accreditation and certification bodies for two decades. In that time, we’ve learned that accreditation management software can only be effective if all parties feel empowered to use it. That’s why we focus on designing features that are both powerful and easy to use. When staff and external users share a platform that helps them be more organized and productive, every day is a success. To see our new process management feature in action, along with the other out-of-the-box capabilities that ARMATURE Fabric has to offer — data collection instruments, auditing tools, report templates, and more — schedule a consultation. We’d love to show you how our accreditation management software supports critical accreditation missions like yours. Our highly configurable development platform is meant to ease the burden on you, your IT staff, and ultimately, your users.

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