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Audit Management Software Presentation: ARMATURE CEO to Present at ISO 9000 & Audits World Conference

DULLES, VA, February 22, 2019 – ARMATURE Solutions Corporation, a leading provider of  workflow and audit management software, is pleased to announce that its CEO, David McTaggart, will be presenting a workshop at the ISO 9000 & Audits World Conference, slated for March 11-12 in San Antonio, TX. The workshop, entitled “Beyond the Checklist: Driving Quality Through the Digital Audit,” is designed to provide practical tips on how to leverage technology to boost the impact of audits – while sharing stories from 20 years of experience in the digital transformation of the auditing process.

“The transition from paper audits to a fully-integrated digital solution happens in stages, and there can be plenty of bumps along the way,” says Mr. McTaggart. “I’ve been helping organizations implement ARMATURE’s audit and inspection software for 20 years, so I have seen the journey firsthand. My goal in engaging with this audience is to help them define where they are along that path to digitalization—and to give them useful tips on how to advance from one stage to the next.”

As a technology company that supports accreditors, standards developing organizations, conformity assessment bodies, auditors, inspectors, operations, and quality managers, ARMATURE knows firsthand how modern-day audits, whether conducted on-site or remotely, can add value to any organization—as long as they are willing to move beyond the checklist mentality and set up their audits to collect meaningful data.

In this workshop, McTaggart will share audit and quality insights from his two decades in the field, focusing on what happens when companies eschew the binary audit mentality and embrace a pro-audit culture that favors continuous improvement and opportunities for growth over routine checklist audits that may miss the mark entirely. When organizations combine this quality-first mindset with the right technology and analytics, they can move the needle and fuel both quality and growth.

David will present this workshop on March 12, at 8:05 a.m., at the Hyatt Regency, Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX. For further information, please view the abstract.

audit management software talk at ISO 9000 and audits conference


ARMATURE has been building intuitive software such as audit management software for some of the world’s most sophisticated organizations since 2000. Working with over 30 organizations from across the world in fields such as education, engineering, healthcare, and law enforcement, ARMATURE’s Fabric software is tailored to the unique and complex data collection needs and processes of their clients in accreditation, certification, auditing, inspection, operations, and quality management. To learn more about ARMATURE, visit the company website: https://www.armaturecorp.com/.

About the ISO 9000 & Audits World Conference

The ISO 9000 World Conference is the first, and the longest-running, conference on ISO 9000 & Related Standards. The 2019 conference will be held in San Antonio, TX on March 11-12, and will feature 50+ speakers on the topics of audits, standards, technology, and quality. To learn more about the ISO 9000 & Audits World Conference, visit the Conference website: https://www.iso9000conference.com/Conference

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Chief Marketing Officer

ARMATURE Solutions Corporation



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