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6 ways the Right Software can

give your Certification Program a Boost

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Managing an entire certification or credentialing lifecycle can be daunting. It doesn't have to be.

There are a myriad of activities that need to be undertaken effectively to ensure compliance, integrity, engagement, and quality. In today’s certification and credentialing community we see organizations managing their operations in a variety of ways. Some use traditional methods such as databases, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents. Others use multiple systems to track each element within the lifecycle. We also see an increasing number of institutions using software tools to manage the vast majority of activities in one place.
While there are pros and cons to each approach, the steps below highlight six ways you can benefit from using innovative software solutions to give your program a boost.

Conduct your certification and credentialing activities in one place: application management; workflow management; task management; audits; self-studies; records management; document management; CPD tracking.

Task optimization in medical accreditation

For one of our customers, being the national voice for medical imaging excellence in patient care is critical to their strategy. They use our certification management software, ARMATURE Fabric, in multiple ways to help them achieve this goal.

ARMATURE Fabric helps them capture and track inventory of all medical imaging equipment (for facilities and their sub-organizations). This assists them in the accreditation and certification of equipment (using applications, process management, and certification decisions).

Our software also assists them in capturing DICOM images (breast scans), parsing DICOM information, and assembling review teams (for image review).

They also use ARMATURE Fabric to capture and track all professional development activities and credits, for the purposes of certifying radiologists, technologists, and physicists, through our Continuing Professional Development module.


DRIVE CONSISTENCYDrive operational consistency and minimize organizational risk: ensure your local, national, or regional staff use consistent workflows; engage constituents through self-service platforms; conduct tasks on any device and in any language.

Global consistency in engineering

A major international engineering standards development organization and certification body uses ARMATURE Fabric to support their goal of promoting and upholding the art, science, and practice of engineering across the globe.

Their work helps to ensure that quality standards are being met in areas such as nuclear power; boiler and pressure vessels; bioprocessing equipment; and personnel certification.

By leveraging the power of advanced certification management software, they have been able to create consistent processes for their certifications across 140+ countries. Today, they use ARMATURE Fabric to conduct certification operations for ten different certification types.

This level of consistency enables efficiencies to be realized and enables standards to be monitored and upheld at the global level.


Grow your enrollment base by: automating your certification and credentialing program; spending more time on active recruitment; increasing referrals due to a better user experience.

Use your time wisely

Some of our customers leverage the time savings afforded to them via automation to invest more time growing their certification and credentialing programs.

These time savings can be found by reducing the administrative burden on conducting certification activities. It can also accelerate an individual’s time to certification.

All of these elements can come together to help you grow your certification base and increase your revenue.


Manage quality throughout your program with automated toolsets: easily identify non-conformances; initiate corrective and preventive actions; reduce the time to remediation.

Resolve issues quickly

Tracking non-conformances is an important element within the certification of one of our customers who is focused on certifying companies, inspection organizations, and individuals in welding, engineering, and related disciplines.

Their standards include specialized welding standards, ISO standards (such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001, and ISO 50001), and OHSAS 18001.

As part of this process they use ARMATURE Fabric to track non-conformances, manage their entire corrective actions process, and generate non-conformance reports for management review.

By doing this, they are able to resolve issues faster than ever before, identify and address concerning trends, and strengthen the quality of their certification program.


Leverage the power of your other systems to maximize value: learning management systems; payment gateways; assessment tools; financial systems; association management software.

Operate seamlessly through integration

The ability to interact with other mission critical systems is important to many organizations. Our customers have integrated ARMATURE Fabric with other business software applications for this reason.

These include financial management systems (such as Great Plains and QuickBooks), association management systems (including iMIS, Personify, and  NetForum ), as well as single-sign on solutions to provide the best user experience for employees.

We have also integrated with applications such as Google Maps to help customers identify which of their auditors are available to conduct site visits based on their location, together with other factors.


Create a better user experience for all constituents; generate actionable management reports; improve re-certification rates; establish a strong platform for program growth.

Streamline, fix issues quickly, and grow

Our customers implement ARMATURE Fabric to generate value from their certification and credentialing programs in multiple ways. For some this means streamlining their certification processes to save time and money. For others, it enables them to simply create a better user experience for all stakeholders.

Many find value in the quality improvement benefits they experience by being able to better identify and remediate issues, or non-conformances quickly.

And, for some, they are able to invest additional time growing their certification and credentialing membership base.

ARMATURE has delivered over 100 certification and accreditation management solutions since 2000. Our goal is to help certification, credentialing, and accreditation bodies to operate more effectively, drive consistency, stimulate program growth, ensure quality, integrate well, and ultimately create value.

We invite you to take a tour of our certification management software to see if we can give your certification or credentialing program a boost.


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