Supplier/Vendor Management Software

Optimize supplier performance

and manage risk effectively​

Automate your critical supplier tracking and management activities
and gain better visibility across your enterprise.

Optimize Supplier Value

Ensure your suppliers are achieving their performance goals and metrics with our supplier management software

Improve Awareness

Get a broader and more consistent view of your vendors and identify critical issues

Manage Supplier Risk

Identify and resolve supplier issues and manage work transfer processes

Complete Tasks Efficiently

Take care of all the things you need to get done efficiently

Engage your Supplier Base

Make supplier onboarding and management easy and effective with our supplier management software

Streamline your Operations

Manage your supplier management activities through a single platform

Supplier Performance

Supplier On-boarding and Profile Management

Build and initiate your supplier onboarding process within ARMATURE Fabric. Capture, access, and update important supplier profile and compliance data easily and effectively.

Supplier Performance Management

Configure your supplier performance assessments right within the supplier management software system. Track and analyze how your suppliers are performing against applicable key performance indicators and identify areas for improvement or remediation.

Analysis, Monitoring, and Certification

Empowering and Engaging Suppliers

Supplier Risk Management

Configure and conduct your supplier risk management activities in our easy to use platform. Initiate risk assessments and apply risk scores based on pre-defined criteria on an ongoing basis. Initiate issue management workflows to remediate any issues or non-conformances identified.

Configurable Workflow Management

Quickly model and deploy intelligent workflows to support your supplier management processes. Leverage built-in templates that allow you to orchestrate activities according to your needs. Assign workflow items to all of your stakeholders.

Supplier Certification

Manage all of your supplier certification processes within ARMATURE Fabric -powerful supplier quality management software. Configure supplier audits and evaluations within the system, set up your certification workflows, and conduct supplier reviews and certification decisions. Identify and manage non-conformances and remediation actions through configurable workflows.

Supplier Engagement

Manage and coordinate all of your supplier engagement activities through ARMATURE Fabric, including the planning and scheduling of events, supplier surveys, notifications, and communication. Use our supplier quality management software to engage all your suppliers in quality engagements.

Built upon a configurable platform


Cloud optimized, technology neutral platform


Device agnostic, persona driven, optimized for User Experience


Extensive tool set built for non-technical users, putting you in control


Designed for extension - configure & customize to meet your needs


Secure, open API to allow you to connect to your critical systems

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