Manage your quality operations.

ARMATURE builds software for organizations that manage quality: whether you’re a non-profit that promotes your mission through accreditation or a manufacturer that wants to mitigate risk.

We have built quality management systems for supplier quality management, healthcare quality management, and laboratory and educational accrediting bodies. We have the tools and expertise to help your quality and accreditation programs streamline and improve accuracy.

Our all-in-one toolkit is built around three core areas: Audit and Assessment, Standards Management, and Accreditation and Certification.

Audit & Assessment

Let ARMATURE help you save the world and make smarter decisions.

Standards Management

Let ARMATURE help you reduce administrative burden and save trees.

Accreditation & Certification

Let ARMATURE help you ensure your members meet your standards.
Quality doesn’t end with the audit. Accreditation doesn’t end with the decision letter. Our system wasn’t designed for document management or with a specific set of quality standards in mind: we want to enable the entirety of ANY audit or accreditation process and make it traceable. We want to make it easy to see which organizations are in compliance and which standards are having an impact. That’s total visibility.

ARMATURE’S Testimonials

The AACOM annual survey collects a broad range of complex data from our members. ARMATURE helped us deploy a custom solution built to our unique needs right on top of their core products.
Working with ARMATURE positions the NAAB to support the technical elements of its core activity, accreditation, with technology and to apply the time and talent of its human resources toward meeting strategic objectives for analysis and evaluation.
ARMATURE worked with us to truly understand the complexities of our business processes, and even helped us improve them. Unlike most off-the-shelf software, ARMATURE’s is configurable enough to meet our needs – rather than requiring us to change our needs to fit their system.
ARMATURE has been instrumental in our transition to consolidate our various Accreditation tools in to one central system.  After a long and careful review process that took our organization and individual staff needs in to account,  we are now able to manage our surveyor operations, application review and survey scheduling in one place. Upon completion of our online application using the Assessments Module, our Accreditation department will ultimately be more efficient and our processes more streamlined than ever.


Get your audit, assessment, accreditation, and certification management out of paper, out of spreadsheets, and out of the red.

When transitioning from spreadsheets or home-grown audit, accreditation, or certification management systems to ARMATURE, our customers have reported:


Accuracy boost due to improved reporting year-over-year


Increase in user engagement


Lower total cost of ownership compared to in-house solutions


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ARMATURE’S Difference

ARMATURE understands that every accrediting body or quality department’s process is slightly (or majorly) different. One of our key differentiators is that our underlying framework is designed to accommodate any quality or accreditation program: healthcare, supplier/vendor, laboratory, educational, law enforcement, manufacturing – you name it and we can build it and help you support it.

Continuous Improvement

Think of our software like a continuous improvement program for your continuous improvement program. At the outset of an engagement, our team works closely to understand the entire scope of your operation. Next, rather than disappearing to configure our software, we work closely with you every step of the way. Even after the initial handoff, we communicate with you on a regular basis to refine and continuously improve the software to better meet your needs.

Systems Integration

You’ve likely already invested considerably in your accreditation and quality infrastructure, including the software that supports them: research, personnel, CRM, billing, legacy document storage, and much more. ARMATURE’s software architecture is modular enough that your existing systems can be upgraded iteratively and organically. We’ll work with you to establish a deployment schedule around your budget and your needs. We can also integrate many of your existing systems directly into ours, helping you streamline and improve the overall accuracy of your accreditation or quality support programs.

Let one of our staff show you how ARMATURE can help. Sign up for a free demo.