Accreditation Management Spotlight

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Accreditation Management Spotlight

Enhance the performance of your accreditation management program with the industry's leading software platform, ARMATURE Fabric.

Give your accreditation program a boost

ARMATURE has been in the business of accreditation for the last two decades and we have implemented over 100 accreditation and certification management systems for customers in North America, Europe, and Australia. Today, our highly configurable, industry leading accreditation management software enables accreditation bodies to capture and manage critical accreditation data and documentation, streamline your entire accreditation process, engage all your stakeholders, and provide you with better visibility across your programs.

Ten ways ARMATURE Fabric can support you

How ARMATURE Fabric benefits your organization will depend upon your operational context. Here’s a few ways our software has helped existing customers:

  • Makes the business of accreditation easier to manage and track
  • Reduces the related workload burden
  • Saves time through the automation of data capture, process management, reporting, and task management
  • Improves the experience for staff, organizations seeking accreditation, auditors, review teams, and Boards of Directors
  • Ensures consistency locally, regionally, or globally
  • Facilitates decision-making through enhanced reporting and visibility
  • Enables an organization to manage information in a more efficient manner
  • Supports quality improvement initiatives
  • Eliminates the need for paper-based processes

ARMATURE Fabric is designed to make your daily tasks easier, giving you more time to focus on nurturing and growing your business. Today, ARMATURE Fabric is being used to support a variety of institutional, programmatic, and specialized use cases, including:

  • Hospital accreditation
  • Healthcare accreditation
  • Educational accreditation
  • Education preparation accreditation
  • Engineering accreditation
  • Law enforcement accreditation
  • Medical/Diagnostic imaging accreditation 
  • Laboratory accreditation
  • Continuing education accreditation
  • Medical school accreditation

Meeting you where you are

Some customers use our platform for multiple applications, such as accreditation, certification, and/or compliance. Others focus on specific use-cases.

Some are proficient at using software and are looking to switch to a more modern platform. Others are looking to procure software for the first time, as they look to move away from paper-based processes.

Wherever you are in your journey we are ready to help. We have designed ARMATURE Fabric so it can flex to your business processes and workflows, while accommodating the way business is conducted today – across devices, online and offline. It comes with multi-lingual capabilities, allowing you to manage your operations easily across borders. And, it integrates seamlessly with your other software platforms. 

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