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Accreditation Management Spotlight

Enhance the performance of your accreditation management program with the industry's leading software product, ARMATURE Fabric.

Simplifying Accreditation Management for The Education Community

Accreditation serves as an evaluation process utilized by the education sector to assess and oversee pre-k to 12th grade schools, junior colleges and colleges, universities, and programs for quality assurance. It focuses on evaluating their practices and reviewing evidence of continuous improvement. Federal and state governments rely on accreditation bodies to ensure the continued quality of institutions and programs that receive support from them. Many educational accreditors look to technology for better ways to streamline their accreditation management process.

The Accreditation Process

Accreditation is a process that takes place periodically (typically anywhere between 3-10 years). Accreditation bodies who manage these processes need to conduct a range of activities from initial candidacy all the way through to accreditation, continuous quality improvement, and re-accreditation. Certain accreditation processes are required to meet guidelines set by organizations such as the USDE and CHEA. Typical steps in an accreditation process include:

  • Managing initial applications and candidacy requests
  • Conducting self-assessments
  • Demonstrating compliance with accreditation standards
  • Sharing summaries of student performance
  • Managing site visit teams and reviews
  • Facilitating site visits
  • Creating site visit reports
  • Tracking and monitoring issues
  • Making accreditation decisions

Managing accreditation processes for multiple educational institutions or programs can be  complex and time-consuming.

Exploring Opportunities for Improving Your Accreditation Management Process

At ARMATURE, we understand the obstacles accreditation bodies face so we created an accreditation management software product aimed at simplifying and optimizing your accreditation management process. ARMATURE has supported the educational accreditation community for almost twenty five years by streamlining workflows and facilitating data collection activities. Our accreditation management software product, ARMATURE Fabric, can be configured (tailored) to meet the requirements of your accreditation process, allowing your team to efficiently navigate and oversee all aspects of the accreditation/re-accreditation process.

The Benefits of ARMATURE Fabric

Enhanced Efficiency

Simplify accreditation procedures and lessen administrative workload

Compliance Enhancement

Ensure compliance through capturing, reviewing, and rating data & evidence

Improved Collaboration

Facilitate communication and teamwork among site visitors and staff

Data-Driven Insights

Gain access to critical information and reports for informed decision-making

Customization options

Adapt the software to suit your institution’s unique needs, where configuration is not possible

Save Time and Resources

Minimize the level effort for your staff and stakeholders

Comprehensive Accreditation Management Software Features

  • Task Management: Assign tasks effortlessly, track progress, set deadlines and stay ahead of your accreditation schedule.
  • Automated Workflows: Simplify tasks with automated workflows to reduce efforts and minimize risk.
  • Data Collection Instruments: Streamline the way you capture data and evidence using configurable templates and tools.
  • Build Teams: Utilize team-building features to build site visit/peer review/inspection teams. Manage assignments, feedback, and reports.
  • Continuous Improvement: Keep a record of and document efforts focused on continuous quality improvement initiatives. Track and manage issues.

Why Choose ARMATURE?

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

Our software prioritizes user experience, featuring an interface that streamlines navigation. Access all tools and resources conveniently in a centralized platform.

Comprehensive Accreditation Management Features

We support each phase of the accreditation process from initial applications to re-accreditation. Our experience spans institutional accreditation (from pre-k to college) to specialized programs including physical therapy, nursing, continuing medical education, diagnostic sonography, radiology, veterinary, dental, business management, and planning.

Improved Collaboration

Share critical data and information, provide feedback, and keep everyone on the same page to ensure a cohesive approach to accreditation. Keep track of progress, handle documentation and evidence effectively, and monitor adherence to standards with ease.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Get valuable insights through our reporting tools. Monitor your progress and pinpoint improvement areas. Make data-driven decisions to elevate the work you do.

Reliable and Secure

Our software is built with stringent security measures in mind, to safeguard your sensitive data and stakeholders.

What Our Clients Say

Meeting You Where You Are

Some customers use our platform for multiple applications, such as accreditation, certification, and/or compliance. Others focus on specific use-cases.

Some are proficient at using software and are looking to switch to a more modern platform. Others are looking to procure software for the first time, as they look to move away from paper-based processes.

Wherever you are in your journey, we are ready to help. We have designed ARMATURE Fabric so it can flex to your business processes and workflows, while accommodating the way business is conducted today – across devices, online and offline. It comes with multi-lingual capabilities, allowing you to manage your operations easily across borders. And, it integrates seamlessly with your other software platforms. 

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