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Certification Management Software | Powering your Certification & Credentialing Mission with ARMATURE Fabric

As the demand for credentialing and certification grows across a wide range of industries, many certification bodies are seeking new ways to manage their data collection activities and certification lifecycles. Often, these organizations turn to the latest technologies, such as Certification Management Software, to help them achieve this.

Why? There are a multitude of reasons, including:

  • It puts them in a better position to grow their programs
  • It enables them to manage re-certification activities more effectively
  • It creates business efficiencies (either saving money, boosting productivity, or both)
  • It gives their stakeholders a better user experience
  • It helps them to leverage data and reporting to make faster and more informed decisions.

Because not all certification bodies are created equal, it is important that technology providers recognize this, and offer organizations the flexibility to configure their own data collection methods and processes without having to invest in high price-high risk custom solutions. What’s more, it is critical that these technologies interact well with other systems, through effective integration, and make it relatively easy to migrate data and documents from aging, legacy systems.

ARMATURE Fabric™ is a specialized software platform for certification and accreditation that helps organizations automate their entire certification lifecycle. It is the culmination of two decades of experience the ARMATURE team has in supporting multiple certification and accreditation organizations in education, healthcare, engineering, law enforcement, and other industries. Below are some of the things we have learned from our customers with respect to using ARMATURE Fabric™ to power their mission.

Single Source of Truth | Certification Management Software

ARMATURE Fabric™ represents a single source of truth for all certification or credentialing activities within an organization, regardless of their industry or business type. The platform serves as a centralized location that keeps track of everything including certification applications, assessments, documentation, evidence, issues management, reporting, continuous professional development tracking, and more. All this information is contained in a single location instead of being buried in a mountain of paper or distributed across multiple systems.

This creates better insights into the efficiency of your processes and activities. ARMATURE Fabric™ manages your entire certification lifecycle, including data collection (e.g. application forms), processes, and recertification. It tracks applicants by applicant source, promotes communication through automated notifications, monitors decisions made, and allows you to collect and manage continuing professional development achievements. ARMATURE Fabric also enables you to provide critical insights to your senior leaders through its robust reporting capabilities.

All these features make it easier for you to understand and manage your entire certification landscape and focus on areas for improvement, retention, and/or program growth.

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Room To Grow | Credentialing Management Software

Over the last two decades we have worked with a diverse range of clients. Some are first time converts who were just beginning to move away from piles of paper while some are more technically savvy and are looking for more advanced functionality to further improve their strategy. We’ve taken all of these experiences and used them to create a software platform that is flexible enough to allow both types of customers to derive value.

The extensive configurability of the user interface makes it easy to tailor the software to meet each individual company’s specific needs. The out-of-the-box design simplifies the experience for new users, allowing you to get up and running quickly and minimize your time to value.   

ARMATURE Fabric™ comes with a flexible API that allows you to seamlessly integrate with other systems, including your LMS, CRM, ERP, AMS or other software. This system collaboration gives you the ability to leverage a range of best-in-class systems all aligned to your organizational mission. Finally, it’s built to run on multiple platforms, meaning users can take their work into the field and have access to all of the data they need on the laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

More Time, Less Stress with ARMATURE Fabric

Perhaps the biggest benefits businesses realize when they begin to optimize their certification programs with ARMATURE Fabric are the time efficiencies and cost savings. More efficient processes often means you can do more with less, creating an opportunity for you to focus on growth, or trim your expenses. Having a centralized, flexible, and effective software platform in place equates to less prep work and quicker execution at any point in the process.

All of these benefits add up to less stress and better results for everyone involved in your certification program – from staff, customers, reviewers, decision-makers, and committees, all the way up to your Board of Directors.

Our goal is to supply the best solutions possible to help you take better control of your certification and credentialing mission. With ARMATURE Fabric™, you can leverage our years of experience to provide a consistent, effective approach to managing your program.

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We recommend you start by checking out these videos to learn more about our Certification Management Software (Credentialing Management Software):

ARMATURE Fabric for Certification Management and Continuing Professional Development Tracking

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