Accreditation Management Software Chicago

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Accreditation Management Software Chicago

Chicago-based accreditation bodies are rapidly discovering the best way to navigate and streamline their processes through ARMATURE Fabric.

Give your accrediation process a boost.

The extensive feature set available through ARMATURE’s accreditation management software helps accreditation bodies of all sizes to simplify data collection requirements and workflows and more effectively support the institutions, programs, and facilities they serve. Armature understands and the unique need for Accreditation management software in Chicago.

Unparalleled User Experience (UX)

The road to accreditation can be difficult to navigate. The ARMATURE UX is built to be simple and efficient to use. Our team constantly adds new features and enhancements to ensure your stakeholders can work through the accreditation process quickly and efficiently.

ARMATURE Fabric, our accreditation management software product, has all the tools you need to ensure complete planning and monitoring of all the steps in the process. Our product enables you to manage:

  • Applications
  • Audits
  • Self-evaluations
  • Site Visits
  • Reviews
  • Decisions
  • Issues
  • Re-accreditation

Dashboards Help to Drive Productivity

Whatever steps your Chicago area organization requires for accreditation, you’ll be able to manage them with ARMATURE Fabric’s dashboards. These simple, optimized views give you a complete picture of steps that need to be completed and issues that need to be addressed.

For example, areas of non-compliance are easy to see. This makes it possible to troubleshoot these areas in a highly collaborative way, ensuring they are addressed quickly and completely by your constituents.

ARMATURE Fabric is Standards Agnostic

Chicago is known for its highly diverse collection of organizations spanning multiple sectors. Whether it’s healthcare, education, engineering, technology, or any other sector, ARMATURE Fabric can accommodate standards of all types. ARMATURE Fabric is currently used to manage a range of accreditation types for educational institutions, clinical laboratories, hospital and healthcare systems, law enforcement, and engineering firms.

This is because ARMATURE Fabric can adapt to whatever set of complex standards and processes are driving your accreditation process.

Our Advanced Features are Based on Real-World Experience

ARMATURE has a proven track record of working with leading accreditation bodies across the country, including the Chicago area. Simplicity and efficiency are two concepts that have guided our design. The accreditation lifecycle is often complex and difficult to navigate. ARMATURE Fabric helps to cut through this complexity with a host of value-packed features such as:

Productivity Dashboards

Integrated dashboards with click-through visualizations to guide user activity.

Self-Service Portals

Configurable portals designed to empower external users to complete their work on time.

Data Collection Tools and Workflow Management

Self-studies, audits, evaluations, site visits, reviews, and surveys give rise to vast amounts of data. Our data collection tools help you capture this information easily and make sense of it all with valuable insights.

Data is easily visible to all team members and stakeholders based on roles and permissions.

ARMATURE Fabric also enables you to configure and deploy simple or complex workflows anywhere in the system to guide your stakeholders as they work through the accreditation process.

Quality Management

Accreditation is a highly thorough and introspective process. Areas of non-compliance can be uncovered early, and can be addressed and corrected quickly during the accreditation lifecycle. ARMATURE Fabric helps accreditation bodies in Chicago and across North America to facilitate the triage process so that areas of non-compliance can be resolved efficiently.

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Highly Configurable Architecture

ARMATURE Fabric is a product that can accommodate multiple different types of accreditation for accreditation bodies in Chicago. This requires an architecture that is highly configurable and that can adapt to different data collection and workflow requirements. That’s why when we set out to build ARMATURE Fabric, we knew we needed a product that wasn’t a one-size fits all solution. Our software is based on the real-world needs of multiple accreditation bodies, and has been enhanced through years of experience and industry collaboration.

Since industry, sector, and accrediting body requirements can differ vastly from one Chicago business to another, ARMATURE Fabric can be configured the way you need it.

Accreditation Requires Continuous Improvement

ARMATURE doesn’t stop at simply helping organizations manage their accreditation process effectively. Long-term viability in all sectors requires continuous improvement and compliance with regulation. ARMATURE has your Chicago business covered with various templates and tools that can help your constituents continue to drive improvement.

We Understand the Needs of Accreditation Bodies in Chicago

Chicago is home to some of the largest accreditation bodies in the world. From Lake Shore Drive to LaSalle Street, Chicago organizations who have been searching for effective accreditation management software now have access to a solution that can meet their needs. With a set of features that are unmatched in the industry, ARMATURE can help you and your stakeholders save significant time and resources.

We are proud to have partnered with over 100 accreditation organizations over the last 20 years.

The best way to see if ARMATURE Fabric is right for your accreditation is to try it for yourself. Our guided tour highlights some of the most essential features that make accreditation both manageable and achievable. Contact us today for a demonstration.


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