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Making Advances in Healthcare Accreditation

As a leading provider of accreditation and certification software to the healthcare community it is essential that we continue to innovate our healthcare accreditation management software product, ARMATURE Fabric. The more we can do to help healthcare accreditation bodies work more effectively and efficiently, the more time they will have to focus on improving their operations and growing their business.

Today, healthcare accreditors use our software to manage the entire process of accreditation. This typically includes collecting accreditation applications, initiating self-studies and self-assessments, scheduling and managing site visits, conducting reviews, facilitating committee meetings and decisions, through to managing annual reporting and re-accreditation. Examples of the types of healthcare use cases we support include hospital accreditation, pharmacy practice accreditation, laboratory accreditation, tissue bank accreditation, medical imaging accreditation, veterinary practice accreditation, as well as programmatic accreditation in healthcare education and continuing medical education. 

Each year we receive new requests from customers as they work through their accreditation cycles to add new features and functionality to make things easier. Our most recent feature, board voting, is a great example. Several of our customers use a balloting process when deciding whether or not to accredit a new organization. During this process, a committee will have access to relevant accreditation materials and data captured during the accreditation process. Once they have reviewed this data, and the associated artifacts, an event can be established to enable them to cast their vote.

This feature is enabled within our events management module. This module allows an authorized member of staff to set up an event, such as a board or committee meeting, invite applicable members, set an agenda and location, conduct a ballot or voting process, and upload documentation. Details of current, future, and past events can be accessed by permissioned members at any time. The screenshot below will give you a sense of the features available in the events module.

Figure 1. ARMATURE Fabric event management module

accreditation events

Our balloting feature is available within the events module and enables board members to cast their vote on accreditation outcomes. 

Figure 2. Committee members can cast a vote on whether or not to accredit a given program or organization

As part of the voting process, committee members can add notes to clarify the reasons for their decision. Once accreditation staff have reviewed all the votes, a final recommendation is made and can be automatically recorded in the system.

Figure 3. Committee members can add comments for review as part of the voting process

While there are custom applications on the market that enable board voting to take place, the feedback from our customers is that having the process enabled directly within the accreditation software creates an easy to access audit trail that ties all accreditation data together from initial application through to voting and final decision.

The ARMATURE team is committed to making continuous improvements to our software, such as board voting, to help our accreditation customers operate more effectively. In the healthcare sector we support organizations involved in the accreditation of hospitals, diagnostic imaging, intervention-based procedures, telehealth, physical therapy, and continuing medical education. Accreditation in these segments can be complex. The easier we can make it, the better it is for all parties.

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