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The Anatomy of an Accreditation Software Product – Part II

In our previous accreditation software blog we discussed some of the core features within our accreditation management software product, ARMATURE Fabric. This included CRM, Process Management, and Instruments. These features enable accreditation and certification bodies to track and monitor profile information about their clients, capture data from applications, audits, and self-assessments, and set up workflows to guide users through the accreditation or certification process.

We will now move on to the next set of features: Dashboards, Issues Management, and Event Management.

As a reminder, ARMATURE Fabric enables accreditation and certification bodies to manage their data collection needs and processes all in one place. It saves key stakeholders significant time and resources including staff, volunteers, reviewers, committee members, and clients.acc

Dashboards in Armature’s Accreditation Software

While we touched on Dashboards our previous blog, we wanted to hit the highlights once more, as they can be a real productivity enabler. Dashboards feature prominently within ARMATURE Fabric. They enable you to view summary data about your current activities and issues. For example, based on your assignments you can view how many current applications are in progress, or how many current issues have been identified.

Users can access details on individual items directly from their dashboards. In the example above, there are two current issues (such as a non-compliance) identified. With a simple click-through, a user can view and take action on those issues quickly and effectively.

Each dashboard within ARMATURE Fabric is configured to meet the individual productivity needs of each user type. In other words, the dashboard a staff user will see will only show the information and tasks pertinent to them. The dashboard presented to a site visitor, or an organization/program seeking accreditation would be different. In every case, the dashboard can be used as a tool to view and action items relevant to an individual’s role and requirements.

Issues Management

Our accreditation and certification customers are increasingly seeking ways to promote continuous quality improvement, and to manage issues and risk more effectively. ARMATURE’s Issues Management functionality can be a great starting point.

When conducting audits, reviews, or assessments, issues areas of non- or partial compliance can be flagged, and an issue can be raised.

Let’s take the example of a medical establishment seeking accreditation. The establishment may demonstrate three areas of non-compliance. These three items can be worked on proactively by the medical practitioner and establishment through the creation of an Issue within ARMATURE Fabric. The issue can be given a severity, or risk rating, and, once resolved can lead help that establishment achieve accreditation efficiently and effectively. The screenshot below shows a list of all issues by entity (e.g., organization, program, or facility), the person assigned to the issue, the status, and the due date.

By clicking on a specific issue, users can access further details about the issue, add comments and evidence, and assign risk ratings.

Several of our customers use the Issues Management functionality to track issue types over time, identify trends, and create solutions to help mitigate future risks.


Scheduling site visits or committee meetings involves many moving parts, especially if these need to be organized at scale. Our events module can help automate many of the elements of organizing and hosting an event.

It’s easy to create an event in ARMATURE Fabric. You can give your event a name, set a duration, select an event coordinator, add participants, add an agenda and meeting information, select a location, and more.

Once an event has been created you can add additional resources such as documents as well as add comments for participants.

For board or committee meetings, you will have the option to enable voting. By enabling this, Board or Committee Members can vote on whether to accredit an organization or program or certify a product or facility. Be sure to check out our healthcare accreditation blog which describes this voting functionality in more detail.

Summary of Armature’s Accreditation Software Anatomy

We are constantly evolving the ARMATURE Fabric accreditation management software product to meet the changing needs of our accreditation and certification customers. Our goal is always to make things more efficient and effective from the perspective of all user types. Our dashboards, issues, and event management capabilities are designed to give better operational context, fix areas of non-compliance quickly, and facilitate the organization of things like site visits and committee meetings. We look forward to sharing more insights soon.

Have Questions About Armature’s Accreditation Software?

If you are interested in learning more about the ARMATURE Fabric accreditation management software product, simply get in touch with our team. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and help you get started. Thanks for reading.

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