Hospital Accreditation Software

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Hospital Accreditation Software

Facilitate the best outcomes in patient care consistently and efficiently

Give Your Hospital Accreditation Processes A Boost.

The core goal of all healthcare organizations is to facilitate the best outcomes in patient care consistently and efficiently. Providing high quality care, reducing risk and consistently improving the patient experience is paramount to achieving this goal, and our hospital accreditation software can help.

An accreditation organization has the critical job of ensuring that healthcare providers are fully compliant with multiple industry standards relating to patient safety and quality.

Verifying that all of the pieces are in place and functioning is essential to fostering trust that the system is performing at the highest level. Accreditation is that “stamp of approval” that allows patients and other stakeholders to place their trust in an organization.

Providing this level of comprehensive review is always challenging given the large amount of information involved. Finding the right software to manage all the documents, self evaluations, reviews, and compliance material can seem daunting.

ARMATURE Fabric: The Premier Accreditation Management System

That’s where ARMATURE enters the picture. We are the leading provider of out-of-the-box accreditation management software to the hospital accreditation community. With advanced features and support, we’ve earned the trust of many of the most well known accrediting organizations. Simply put, ARMATURE’s accreditation management software is the gold standard when it comes to hospital and healthcare accreditation.

Streamlined And Efficient

Our software enables hospital accreditors to streamline and manage the entire accreditation process in a single, easy-to-use environment through automated workflows and easy-to-access data and documentation. Our approach to accreditation will make it easier for you and your stakeholders to manage accreditation priorities, saving you time and money.

As the premiere accreditation management system, ARMATURE allows for a higher level of strategic planning and quality management than any other software available. Document management has traditionally been extremely challenging in accreditation, due to the often extensive volume of documents and versions. Our fully digital, paper-free document management system ensures that any document is accessible instantly, whenever it is needed.

Engage Multiple Stakeholders With Ease

There are several different stakeholders involved in hospital accreditation. Each one holds an important piece of information as it pertains to compliance management. ARMATURE Fabric helps by combining integral pieces of the process by engaging staff, providers, reviewers, and committee members with ease.

Whether it’s self assessment by physicians, or documentation of procedures, this single platform allows for efficient information management. Each portal is tailored to meet the needs of each stakeholder. What is more, the software can be accessed on a mobile device or website, and can even be used offline.

Organize And Manage Accreditation Tasks More Effectively

The accreditation process can be complex, and your accreditation management software needs to stand up to the task. ARMATURE succeeds in this environment by connecting all the dots in your process and presenting in a way that makes it easier to manage discrete tasks more effectively. The central location of information your stakeholders need helps them and you reduce duplication, and minimize the chance for mistakes.

The healthcare sector is one of the most heavily regulated industries, and ensuring compliance is an essential task of any accrediting body. ARMATURE ensures accuracy and effectiveness of compliance activities through documentation of non-conformances, corrective actions, incident reporting, document management and other integral pieces of the compliance puzzle.

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Cloud optimized, technology neutral platform


Device agnostic, persona driven, optimized for User Experience


Extensive tool set built for non-technical users, putting you in control


Designed for extension - configure & customize to meet your needs


Secure, open API to allow you to connect to your critical systems

Save Significant Time And Resources

The ability to save time isn’t just a matter of convenience. It’s an essential part of resource management. ARMATURE has the most efficient workflow available through its streamlined, easy-to-use platform.

We have an extensive library of useful templates to use in your accreditation processes. Take advantage of our robust feature list that can help you speed up data collection, pre-populate forms and cut down on repetitive data entry.

Our cloud-based platform is cloud-based meaning you don’t need to invest in hardware to use all the tools available through ARMATURE Fabric. This saves financial resources, which can be invested elsewhere.

Identify, Track, And Triage Issues Quickly And Effectively

In the complex world of accreditation, it’s inevitable that issues will arise. To maintain the highest level of compliance, it’s essential to remediate issues as soon as possible to prevent further problems down the road.

ARMATURE Fabric’s Issue Management module enables you to identify, track, and manage any issues (areas of non-compliance, for example), quickly and effectively. You can then analyze these issues to spot critical trends that you may want to address.

Get An Enterprise View Of The Status Of Your Accreditation Clients

An accreditation program needs to give its users all the information they need to navigate the complex workflow of evaluating compliance, quality, risk, and reports that are all part of the process. ARMATURE’s platform enables this enterprise view, providing real time insights into multiple aspects of the accreditation process.

No matter what device your users are on, they’ll experience the best UX. ARMATURE’s accreditation solution is highly configurable, so users don’t get overwhelmed by too much information.

Enable Continuous Improvement

Patients, who are the real beneficiaries of the accreditation process, rightfully demand constant improvement and meaningful self evaluation by administrators, physicians and other providers. ARMATURE leverages its suite of templates to achieve an upward trajectory in quality and compliance management.

Take A Guided Tour Today

We invite you to take a guided tour of ARMATURE Fabric. Visit our website to explore all of our product features and request a demo or discussion when you are ready. When you reach out to us, we can help you discover why our highly configurable accreditation management software is the leader in the industry.

Join our extensive list of customers, which includes accreditation bodies responsible for ensuring compliance in hospitals, laboratories, private practices, and other medical facilities. We’re proud to have helped so many clients meet their accreditation requirements, maintain compliance and provide the safest and highest quality patient experience possible.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you manage your accreditation program.


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