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ARMATURE Bolsters Company Through Expansion into Integrated Risk Management Software Market

Company leverages two decades of experience in complex data collection, workflow automation, and issues management, to provide innovative solutions to IRM challenges

DULLES, VA – ARMATURE Solutions Corporation, the world’s leading provider of accreditation management software, announced its launch of a host of innovative software solutions designed to address critical issues in integrated risk management. The company’s highly configurable software platform, ARMATURE Fabric™, now supports a broad range of functions to help organizations optimize performance, build resilience, manage compliance, and minimize risk.

Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, recently projected that “by 2023, more than 60% of large enterprises will adopt an integrated risk management (IRM) program to drive better decision making and digital business growth, which is an increase from fewer than 40% in 2019.”* This rising demand is what fuels ARMATURE in the pursuit of becoming what we believe to be a leader in the space – supporting key risk management areas, such as: operational audit managementcompliance managementsupplier management, and quality management. Beyond these endeavors, the company will continue to stand as a pioneer in the accreditation and certification software markets.

“Given the significant global change that has happened in the last twelve months, organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of performance, resilience, assurance, and risk management,” said Dave McTaggart, ARMATURE CEO. “Our software platform helps customers better understand their risk and compliance landscape – providing improved visibility and controls to support more informed risk-based decisions.”

ARMATURE Fabric is highly versatile and enables companies to capture data easily, automate workflows, apply risk-scoring methodologies, and manage issues quickly and effectively. The software platform comes prepackaged with extensive out-of-the-box functionality that can be tailored to address customer-specific needs. It has a modern, flexible API for easy integration, personal productivity tools, multilingual capabilities, and supports remote working. 

*Gartner “Critical Capabilities for Integrated Risk Management Solutions,” Jie Zhang, Brian Reed, August 6, 2019

About ARMATURE Solutions Corporation

For the last two decades, ARMATURE has applied its passion for technology and innovation to help organizations automate the way they manage risk, performance, and compliance. Our software platform has evolved over the years because of the influence of our accreditation, certification, quality, and audit management customers, many of whom have complex data collection, process management, issue management, and reporting requirements. We remain ready to serve those organizations who want to take the next step in optimizing performance, building resilience, managing compliance, and mitigating risk. For more information, visit: www.armaturecorp.com


Andrew Bryden

Chief Marketing Officer


Twitter: @ARMATURECorp

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